Brick & Lace - Bad To Di Bone [video]

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Who: Brick & Lace
What: Bad To Di Bone [video]

I just read on DivercityCafe that the Jamaican duo, Brick & Lace, is finally back.

These 2 Akon proteges are best known for the song 'Love Is Wicked', their highest charting track yet. The Jamaican beats are back, with fresh forces and hopefully the girls won't be as underrated as before 'cause they really have a talent and their songs could have a strong say on the charts with strong promotion...after all..Akon is taking care of them, so I don't see the problem.

Anyway..this is their latest single, Bad To Di Bone and the video had its premiere yesterday. Hot video; the girls show off their hot bodies and the track really gets me going.

Please, promote this girls and make their songs heard throughout the world..request them at your local radio stations and other things like that..they're worth it!

About the vid....

Hate it or love it?


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