Billboard Update

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Another week passed but the Billboard Top 100 didn't manage to change its number 1. Flo Rida is still keeping up there with the hot single 'Right Round'. T.I., even though he's the airplay gainer of the week still doesn't manage to hit the top spot once more. A track that has had a lot of digital sales is Soulja Boy's 'Kiss Me Thru the Phone' which is curently at number 7, breaking the top 10 barrier.
In the Top 200, the same deal; Taylor Swift is again the undisputed leader as 4 artist manage to sell just enough copies to hit the top 10 once more or for the first time in some cases: Beyonce (5), Jamie Foxx (6), Kanye West (8) and Lady GaGa (10) are the ones that knocked off other pretenders from the front pack.
Nice fights going on in the U.S. Curious to see if Flo Rida will be able to hang in there for another week.

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