Beyonce 'Halo' Live @ NAACP Awards

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Beyonce gave her first live rendition of 'Halo' a couple of days ago at the NAACP Awards. She was one of the night's winner, receiving the award for Outstanding Female of the Year. Bad mouths talk around that she didn't thank her hubby, Jay-Z, so something might be wrong. People, maybe it was a minor just can't tell what was in her mind at that moment

Anyway, back to the performance. Even though Bee has had flawless performances before and many say that this is her most recent flawless rendition, I want to point out that this is Ok..maybe not so many flaws, but you can clearly hear her not reaching those high notes and those very low ones. And pitch problems strike again in her live performances.
I'm just sayin'...not hatin' or something like that 'cause I know Bey fans will jump all over me. Don't worry, I'm one of her fans too.

So...what did you think about the performance?
Hate it or love it?

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  1. boob 14 februarie 2009, 14:22
    e geniala :X:X

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