Will.i.am - She's A Star [video]

Category: By Mircea
Who: Will.i.am
What: She's A Star [video]
Album: Songs About Girls
Song rating: 4/5
Video rating: 3.5/5

Now this I really wouldnt've expected this time around. When I was expecting the least, Will.i.am decides to release a brand new single off his 'Songs About Girls' album: She's A Star. Great choice. This is just an amazing song! I love everything this guy does!
This is the 4th single pulled off the album. And even though the material was a total flop (I gotta say so myself) he's just not giving up. I like this video...it's made in the same style as his previous single ('Heartbreaker').
You can check it out down low and let me know what you think.
Hate it or love it?


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  1. Ramonne 18 ianuarie 2009, 11:41
    i have nothing to say it`s just :x

    (si k s fac o paranteza.... "S`a uitat l noi :O ai vazut ??:O ne canta nouaaa.. se uita l noii :X:O", mai tii minte ?:)) 8->

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