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By Mircea
I've been meaning to do this for a while, but I haven't had the time, until now. I've decided to share with you some talents from my home country, with nice shots at taking over part of Europe.
Music here has been on the rise lately, with people and record companies investing lots of money based on a well-thought project. Alrdeay some bands have become popular throughout Europe, but there is still a lot to come.
And I'm writing this not only for European people to enjoy but for everybody around the world to listen to a few creations and leave their opinion and comments.

First up: a band named Insane. Not too much to say about them, 'cause I really don't know too many details. The female lead-singer has some background in music since she was younger and these 4 people decided to start a new project, not only for them, but for everyone to impress. Check out their first official single: Pretty Little Girl.

Next up is an all-girl-band, called Blaxy Girls (an acronim derived from Black Sea Girls). Their first single, 'If You Feel My Love' has topped mainly every possible chart here. Everybody thought they were foreigners, not expecting something like this from inside the country. Check out their latest single, a very emotional one, with a strong message to get from the video: Dear Mama

And now to save the best for last...Claudia Cream is another Romanian talent that recently returned in everybody's attention after 2 years or so of hard work. Collaborating with lots of foreign talents and also profesional dancers from the U.S., she came up with two great songs, pulled of her yet-to-be-released album, 'Wrong Girl For That'. An album set to be promoted in 12 countries all around the world.
Already shooting 3 videos for her first 3 singles, she promises to stay on top for a long time, considering the fact that she has a great team with lots of money backing her up. Live-wise, she is something close to Rihanna..needs to work on those vocals.
After her first hit single, 'Candy', a great mash of pop and r&b, her second video already premiered. Check out Don't Miss Missing You and let me know what you think.

Cream - Don't Miss Missing You
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