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It's been a full day today. Full of brand new leaks that is. First one is from Justin Timberlake himself surprising us with brand new material, probably from his next album. This most-likely Timbo-produced track, Bigger Than the World, sounds great. And Justin just hits those high notes the right way. The song actually amazes me.

Next up, RiRi, the undisputable princess of sheep-pop-singing (just having a little fun here) is out with a new song called Like It. Not something to die for...I dare to say that it's actually one of her weakest to date. Not really feeling it right now.

And here comes Usher. One of the many artists that have flopped in 08' with their over-hyped come-back albums. To the Moon is an interesting track, but he's kinda losing his touch and he'd better do something about it or his fans will forever be lost.

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