Mariah Carey - Hero 2009 [video]

Category: By Mircea
Who: Mariah Carey
What: Hero 2009 [video]
Album: The Ballads [out January 20th]
Song rating: 3.5/5
Video rating: 4/5

So...all of you should know by now that Mariah's former label, Sony Music, is set to release a brand new album, called 'The Ballads', containing some of MiMi's most soulful songs. The album will be out on January 20th in the U.S.
For promotion purposes, Mariah rerecorded one of her classics, Hero. Brand new vocals for a new album. A studio-type video has been shot and released.
There's no doubt that Mariah has one of the greatest voices of our times, but she lost that spark, that 'special something' that would always set her apart from the others. I don't know why this happened...maybe getiing old had something to do with it, but I'm still hoping for her to give us those unforgettable hits in the near future. Nothing personal against her.
What do you think of this new, re-edited version?
Hate it or love it?


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  1. Roxy 6 ianuarie 2009, 21:12
    Da,vocea ei a suferit multe transformari de-a lungul timpului, but... it's still Mariah! :D

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