Kat De Luna feat. Lil Wayne - Unstoppable [new song]

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Who: Kat De Luna feat. Lil Wayne
What: Unstoppable [new song]
Album: TBA [late spring/early summer]
Song rating: 4.5/5

After parting ways with her recent label, Kat De Luna turned to Universal Motown to release a brand new album. '9 Lives' was very promising. I think it was underrated and even though most of the tracks sounded alike it still had a lot of potential.
But now, Kat is back with big plans for the future and set to take over the world. With a brand new sound, totally different from her previous effort and with a guaranteed success rapper on the track, Lil Wayne, things are going nowhere but up.
Unstoppable is the first single to be pulled off her upcoming album. Great song. It sounds hot..not counting the fact that her voice has been modified waaaay too much to make it commercial..it's great! Nice beat and darn danceable. A video has already been shot.
To make the effort even more deserving, Kat spent time in the studio with producers like RedOne ('Just Dance', Lady GaGa).
Check out the track below and hit me up in comments.
Hate it or love it?

Unstoppable - Kat DeLuna feat. Lil Wayne

And here is a clip of Kat behind the scenes at the album's photoshoot:


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