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  • M.I.A., the english songtress that charted very high on Billboard 100 with 'Paper Planes', has premiered a brand new video, for the song S.U.S. (Save Ur Soul). Looks kinda cheap.

  • The UK newspaper 'The Sun' tells us that Russel Brand ('Forgetting Sarah Marshall) is negotiating with Disney for the role of Jack Sparrow in the next Pirates' movie. Here's the statement:
There couldn’t be a role more perfectly suited. There’s a lot of Jack Sparrow in his mannerisms and behaviour. Depp’s accent isn’t a million miles away from Russell’s either. Russell joining the Sparrows alongside Johnny and Keith Richards as their dad will complete the ultimate on-screen pirate family.

  • Mariah comes up with something new. One of the tracks from the 'Tennessee' movie soundtrack, called Right To Dream. Boring...that's all we're used to here from her lately.


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  1. Roxy 4 noiembrie 2008, 22:02
    Mircea,nu-ti place "Right To Dream"? :)

    eu una,o ador :X
  2. Mircea 4 noiembrie 2008, 22:34
    Nu prea ma incanta. Ea suna bine pe melodie, dar parca astept ceva nou, mai ritmat, care sa prinda foarte mult :-?
  3. Roxy 5 noiembrie 2008, 16:39
    pai e pentru soundtrackul filmului,care e al naibii de drama :))

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