Kat DeLuna - Am I Dreaming [video]

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English: Another Kat DeLuna video in just a few days, for the Akon-produced Am I Dreaming. I'm a little bit confused as to where this lives 'In The End'. Still, I've been waiting for this video knowing that it was shot quite sometime ago in The Dominican Republic. Looks pretty nice. And I think she looks better without all the make up stuff. Check it out.
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Romanian: Un alt videoclip Kat DeLuna in doar cateva zile, pentru melodia produsa de Akon, Am I Dreaming. Sunt putin confuz acum, mai ales in ce priveste track-ul 'In The End'. Totusi asteptam videoclipul asta stiind ca s-a filmat acum ceva timp in Republica Dominicana. Arata bine. Si chiar si ea arata parca mai bine fara machiaj si alte chestii din astea. Ce credeti?


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  1. rMn_UnIqE 3 noiembrie 2008, 20:08
    AAaaaAAAA LOL?!?!?! E like.. SUPER VECHE?!?!? WTF?!?!?

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