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English: I now give you Inna, a Romanian star that's going nowhere but up. And this is her first video, for the song Hot. I think mostly Europeans will find this track appealing, because this kind of music isn't yet very popular in the States.
Alexandra is a young girl (originating from my town =D) that surprised everybody with her voice, style and music. Her current hit has mainly topped almost all possible charts here in Romania, making it a huge debut. The video looks good, interesting story, although I would've liked more action. Anyway...hope you guys like it, being a new artist for some of you. So..check it out. Thanks, DivercityCafe.
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Romanian: Delia ne anunta ca s-a lansat (in sfarsit) videoclipul piesei Hot, cantata de nimeni alta decat Inna (Alexandra). Dupa ce ca a ajuns deja pe locul intai, videoclipul nu poate decat sa mentina piesa acolo. Arata interesant, poveste bunicica, dar mai mult actiune sau dans nu ar fi stricat. Apare si Vali Barbulescu, iar la sfarist gasca Play&Win..e ok per total. Uitati-va si voi si spuneti-mi ce parere aveti :D
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  1. boob 6 noiembrie 2008, 13:54
    ador melodia, ador clipul :X:X

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