Kardinal Offishall feat. Keri Hilson - Numba 1 (Tide Is High)

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English: OK...are you friggin kiddin' me? This is the 3rd version that we hear from this song =|. After Nicole Scherzinger was the official guest star, along came Rihanna and replaced her. Seems like the 'disturbed' girl wasn't good enough, so now it's Keri's turn. Mweah..anyway. To me it's the same. Although I'd have to say Rihanna was the best for me =D.
So, this is the official (hopefully) last version of this song, which is going to hit airwaves on Tuesday, 21st October, according to AllAccess. I don't think it's going to have a lot of succes, maybe with a good video. Still, huge promotion for Keri, along with 'Superhuman'.
Hate it or love it?

Romanian: Ok...chiar asa?!?! Asta e 3-a varianta pe care o auzim la melodia asta :|. Dupa ce Nicole Scherzinger a fost invitatul special, a venit Rihanna care a inlocuit-o. Se pare ca era atat de 'disturbata' (nu e corect da suna tare:)) ) incat n-a fost buna nici ea. Ca urmare: Keri Hilson. In fine..pentru mine e cam acelasi lucru. Desi mi s-a parut ca Rihanna a sunat cel mai bine din partea mea :D
Deci, asta e varianta oficiala (sper) a melodiei, care va ajunge la radio in State pe 21 octombrie, conform AllAccess. Nu cred ca va avea prea mult succes, poate doar cu un videoclip bun. Totusi, promovare foarte mare pentru Keri, care apare de ieri si in videoclipul 'Superhuman'.


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