Duffy - Rain On Your Parade [video]

Category: By Mircea
English: Here is Duffy's brand new video, for the song Rain On Your Parade. It's the first single pulled off the deluxe album version: 'Rockferry-Deluxe'. The vid is too darn simple. Still, I like the guys' dancing. And...I dunnow....I can't quite put my finger on the track..yet. Maybe after a few listens. Who knows. Check out the video down low.
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Romanian: Iata noul videoclip al lui Duffy, la melodia Rain On Your Parade. Este primul extras de pe albumul deluxe: 'Rockferry-Deluxe'. Mi se pare mult prea simplu :|. Dar, trebuie sa spun ca imi place coregrafia tipilor. Si...nu stiu...momentan nu prea imi place piesa. Poate doar dupa cateva ascultari. In fine..aveti mai jos videoclipul.


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