Corina feat. Lumidee - Let Go [video]

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English: Corina is a very succesful Romanian artist. Thus, the reason why I'm posting this. She's a different artist, as she brought a lot of different styles in today's local music. She's a very appreciated person for her style and her unique sound. And lately, success hit her in every way, from countries around the world.
After the success she had with German producer Tony Cottura, for the track 'Quieres Una Aventura' a couple of years ago, she decided to shock one more time and choose an international artist for her newest single, Let Go. The famous Lumidee is featured on the track, as choosing her was only for the best. The track is not something to die for, but the video looks good. Check it out and hit comments section. =D
Note: The video was shot when Corina was 6(!) months pregnant.

Romanian: Iata ca a aparut si mult asteptaul videoclip al Corinei. Spun mult asteptat pentru ca s-a vehiculat mult timp prin presa, pe net, ca va colabora cu Lumidee pentru cel mai recent single. Astfel, a aparut Let Go, o piesa ce s-ar fi dorit sa fie de club, cu un videoclip pe masura. Daca melodia nu se ridica la nivelul asteptarilor (mele, cel putin), videoclipul arata chiar bine, ambele fete fiind o prezenta placuta in fata camerei. Premiera a avut loc pe site-ul Radio21. Eu zic ca va avea succes. Voi ce credeti?
Nota: Videoclipul a fost filmat in timp ce Corina era insarcinata in 6(!) luni.


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  1. Anonim 9 octombrie 2008, 19:51
    thats 2 hot! lumi is just great!
    i didnt kno about corina TILL NOW!
    and cmon the track is nice, it makes u
    wanna dance! love it

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