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English: I have some news now to share with you guys. They're half bad/half good. Think of them anyway you want. The Pussycat Dolls stated totay, September 18th, on KISS 100 FM, that their next single 'Whatcha Think About That' is NOT set to be released for Europe. The second European single from their latest album 'Doll Domination' will be I Hate This Part Right Here :X:X:X
Good things: 1. We get to see another brand new video, besides 'Whatcha Think About That'. 2. I'm thinking that the Missy Elliott featured track will be released as a 5th or 6th single for Europe so we'll have more singles to enjoy.
Bad things: 1. 'Whatcha Think About That' might be out too late in Europe - IF it's gonna be out - so it won't have the same recognition..until then..no video for European TV. 2. We have to wait I don't know how long for the 'I Hate This Part Right Here' video =(. [hope there is one in store]
I think of these as good news..'cause hey..we get to see more of the girls :X. On another issue...The U.S. third official single will be Bottle Pop (feat. Snoop Dogg), set to release somewhere in the end of this year.

Romanian: Am niste vesti de impartasit cu voi. Juma' bune, juma' rele...luati-le cum vreti. Pussycat Dolls au anuntat astazi, 18 septembrie, la KISS 100 FM, ca urmatorul lor single 'Whatcha Think About That' NU va fi lansat in Europa. Al doilea single pentru europeni va fi I Hate This Part Right Here :X:X:X
Parti bune: 1. O sa mai avem un alt videoclip nou, pe langa 'Whatcha Think About That' 2. Ma gandesc eu ca piesa cu Missy Elliott va fi lansata aici ca al 5-lea sau 6-lea single, deci mai multe melodii de care sa ne bucuram
Parti urate: 1. 'Whatcha Think About That' va fi lansat prea tarziu in europa - DACA va fi lansat - asa ca nu va fi la fel de apreciat. 2. Avem de asteptat ceva timp pentru un videoclip la I Hate This Part Right Here (sper ca o sa fie video :)) ).
Eu consider astea ca fiind vesti bune ca apucam sa auzim si sa vedem cat mai mult de la fete. In alta ordine de idei, al treilea single oficial pentru State va fi Bottle Pop (feat. Snoop Dogg), programat pentru lansare undeva la sfarsitul acestui an.


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