Don't Make Her Hit You With Her Pocketbook!

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English: 'Dreamgirls' star Jennifer Hudson is set to release her 2nd single off her debut self-titled album: Pocketbook (feat. Ludacris). The song is produced by Jim Beanz and personally, I think it's sick! The beat is crazy. And honestly, this is the first song I hear from this lady and I have to say I'm very pleased. =) Give it a listen down low...

Romanian: Vedeta filmului 'Dreamgirls', Jennifer Hudson va lansa al 2-lea single de pe albumul de debut ce ii poarta numele: Pocketbook (feat. Ludacris). Melodia e produsa de Jim Beanz si personal, cred ca e mortala! Beat-ul e genial. Si sincer, e prima melodie care o aud de la Jennifer si trebuie sa spun ca sunt foarte multumit :) Mai jos aveti piesa...

Pocketbook ft.Ludacris - Jennifer Hudson

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